To be able to post offers in the Advertising Area, your forum username needs to be added to a specific group.

In order to discourage a new user's first post from being for pure advertising purposes, we require service providers to have a minimum post count of 10 before they can post to the Offers sections. Please don't set about making frivolous posts to make up those 10, otherwise your request to be allowed to post to the advertising section will be denied in monthly increments.

Advertising Area Rules

  • Australian hosting providers only, with services located within Australia
  • Providers may post one thread, per week, in all applicable advertising sections
  • No "bumping" is allowed.
  • Providers who disrupt another provider's advertising thread(s) may be banned from the forum

Off-topic questions and general discussion are to be kept out of advertising posts. If you have any queries for the original poster that don't relate directly to your interest in taking up their offer, please contact the original poster via PM.

Last Update: 15th October 2013