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    PickleHosting MineCraft Hosting!
    We are glad to announce our Hosting Company, PickleHosting! We are a growing minecraft company that offers great services at affordable costs. We created this company with a goal, to be the cheapest and most reliable hosting company. We will always try and achieve this goal.

    PickleHosting - Minecraft Server Hosts

    Any Coupons or Promotional Offers ATM?

    SUMMERBACK - Get 25% OFF!

    What you get with EVERY Package?
    Comes with bukkit,vanilla and Tekkit One click Installs.
    Instant Plugin installation for over 28 Plugins for Bukkit
    Multicraft control panel
    FTP Access to your server
    Ability to Change Player count at any time
    Server location choice US or EU
    Access to our support team around the Clock
    Free Connect Mask e.g
    Instant Tekkit Installation
    What about Tekkit?

    Tekkit is so easy to install once you have your server. You just select from the dropdown what version of tekkit you want your server to be running. Start up your server and it's done! No catch, that's it.

    So how's our Support?

    We're certain our support is top notch, why is this you may ask. We ensure that no matter what the issue, it is resolved from Plugin permission issues to high CPU utilization we will correct it for you!

    If you want to know what's going on with the business closer and follow us closely, we now have twitter where everything is published from new features available to our customers to Minecraft Updates!

    How long does it take to get my server?

    As soon as your pay your server is installed, setup and you are emailed the details ready to go. Literally an Instant Setup. There's no wait time for us to verify your payment or waiting for file installation since it's all automated.

    ~Our Prices~

    256MB RAM - $3 - Order Now!
    512MB RAM - $4.50 - Order Now!
    768MB RAM - $8 - Order Now!
    1GB RAM - $10 - Order Now!
    2GB RAM - $20 - Order Now!
    3GB RAM - $30 - Order Now!
    4GB RAM - $40 - Order Now!
    6GB RAM - $60 - Order Now!

    If your after a custom plan with > 6GB of ram send us an email at and we'll give you a discount as per discussion and quote.

    Wait, about MySQL!

    Well most providers give you one mysql database, realistically for your server if you're doing it for maximum optimisation you're going to have about 2-3 on average. So we now offer Web hosting packages, starting at $2.50 a month which gives you 5 databases! If you think you're going to need more, we have other packages too at $5.00 and $7.50 which gives you UNLIMITED databases. Don't forget, you can also host your site from this as well!

    How can I be guaranteed!?

    We are a fully registered business! Since our business has been registered in Australia we have strict guidelines to running our business which includes fair consume trade. Nothing is under the rug!! Any legal information and our ABN can be found on our website!

    So What are you waiting for?

    Come right away and sign up or speak to us on live chat at PickleHosting - Minecraft Server Hosts
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