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    in url keypheres also require for best ranking search

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    Domain name plays an important role. It adds a quality keyword of your web site to each of its page. Every search coming with that keyword will make Search Engines consider your domain for the result.
    But there are two points to note:
    1. Domain name alone cant do anything, you need to support it with quality content, strong backlinking, and other things.
    2. Don't get busted because of over keyword usage. It usually happens when your keyword is the one used more frequently in the content then anything else.

    This is my knowledge and experience.

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    Definitely Yes! Domain name is the strongest keyword of the website. Domain name matching with trade category works better in terms of SEO.

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    In the day, exact match domains e.g. "" used to be a great indicator for SEO to tell search engines what the site is about, but over the course of time search engines like google have changed to not give this as much ranking as it used to. It still does help to have a relative domain name, however exact matches don't really matter as much anymore, it's moreso the actual content of the site that helps you rank. But if there is no competition in your field, sometimes exact match domains will rank well

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    yes it matters

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    Completely in seo no, but it's an important factor. Use your imagination for people to remember your name and they'll come to your site and increase your rate in Google

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    I would say that one of the most imporatnt factors in the SEO is what your domain name actually reads and looks like.

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    Search engines rank your website according to how relevant and important they think it is for a particular keyword. If your keyword/niche is "computers" then YES, having "computers" in your domain name adds a huge boost because you're telling search engine crawlers that your website is about..computers.

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    Yes, it matters a lot. Mostly because people tend to remember simple or catchy names only. Not to mention most people have no idea that there are more than 2 TLD-s. They seem to only remember .com or their country specific TLD code. Recently google even started preferring non-mainstream TLD-s to compensate for this effect.

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