This is not well thought out, a family illness has seen the need to sell this business sooner than anticipated.

Avoiding asking for further information via the forums, instead send a message via the message box so a response to each person is direct.

At this time only some basic information, we are looking for more than 200K for the business, we will not accept any part payments.

The sale will not be based solely on the highest price offered, instead a combination of offer and the ability of the new owner/s to run this business properly.

Total Gross receipts from hosting services and domains around 500K per annum for the last 3 years with tax returns as proof.
Expenses around 250K per annum.

All cpanel servers are month to month with no contracts.

At least 2000 Active Clients with over 2500 active services, most are Australians and all are English speaking.

Over 4000 domain registrations all at a profit, no free domains.
Services comprising of domain registrations, Webhosting, VPS servers and dedicated servers.

If you send a message include as much information as possible about your company and your ability to run a business such as this one for sale.

It would be good to have this completed at the latest June 30th this year or sooner.

I ask for patience as replies may be delayed due to commitments with the business itself and family.

Thanks so much for your consideration.