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    Hi, I am just starting out and looking for a web hosting solution. Every search I do for reviews comes up with Host Papa Australia in the number one spot. I read up on their offers and was pretty keen. Good reseller solution, green energy, affordable prices. Pretty perfect. I rang support to ask some questions and the guy told me their servers are based in Canada. The next day I went on chat to support just to confirm the Australian branch is based somewhere in Australia. I was met with a very firm, we cannot give out this information due to security. I was only asking for a country location. Not sure how that would be a security issue, but apart from being disappointed I am also concerned that some review sites has host papa listed as an Australian option as it appears they have no servers here. Does anyone know if there are servers in Australia. If not, how can they be listed in reviews on Australian hosting sites? Is it not a concern when a host won't post their location given the potential impact on speed, search optimisation etc?

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    It is pretty unusual to not disclose which datacentre/s and location/s are being used; and unless its running out of a backroom in their office there would generally be no security issue in doing so.

    Check out this thread from last year on the same topic

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    They are a USA based company.
    A number of overseas based companies now have Australian phone numbers but they are still based overseas.
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