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    Business Hosting or Better
    Hi all,

    We are looking for FAST, reliable business hosting or better that will cater for 6 or more Wordpress sites. I stress, performance is absolutely crucial here...We are currently with VentraIP on their economy plan and we are hosting 4 Wordpress sites on this account. Everything is reasonably satisfactory aside from the support ticket turnaround times. Unfortunately the performance (website loading times etc.) of their economy plan is struggling to meet our needs so we'd like to step it up a notch. I'm still yet to decide whether we go with their business plan or not which is why I'm now exploring all the options.

    We need something to accommodate the following:

    • 5 Wordpress websites with low traffic (<1000 visitors/month each). These websites however have graphics heavy content, lots of javascript, video etc. so load times are extremely important for us. These are business websites.

    • We are also creating an e-learning startup that has the potential to grow quite quickly. This site will also be using Wordpress with an LMS, many plugins, heavy graphics/javascript and more. We ideally need something to accommodate the gradual increase in traffic to this site but at this stage we can't justify the costs going to managed vps/cloud (we need to see the results first). So really we need hosting/server that can offer excellent performance but cater to a bit of growth then we can later consider VPS/Cloud for all our server needs.

    Wishlist at this stage:

    • Cpanel with some form of app installer

    • Addon domains to accommodate multiple websites

    • Fast support turnaround time whether ticket or phone

    • minimum 20gb space

    • minimum 50gb transfer/month

    • Budget between $20-40/month.

    Any suggestions or offers would be most appreciated.



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    Hello Tom,

    We can provide you all your requirements . Please check our Australian Shared Hosting packages here.

    I think, AU Pro Package will suit you perfectly. We can handle 15000+ visitors per month easily.

    If you have any further question let us know.


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    Smile Website Hosting Proposal
    Hey Bro You can check our website Hosting Plan I am sure You will Like it. , For further details you can get in touch via skype - ashif12312..

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    Dear Tom

    Welcome to Web Hosting Talk Australia,

    Micron21 most certainly can provide you the required infrastructure to not only meet but excel your performance requirements.

    Creating a fast business webhosting solution is a combination of having world class infrastructure and highly skilled staff. At Micron21 we have both and we understand businesses who require mission critical services that perform with a guarantee !

    We can guarantee our services because we control every aspect of our facility, where we own and control our global network ranked 5th in Australia from a peering point of view, we own our building, control the security, the cooling and the power right the way down to controlling and building individual services for customer.

    Micron21 specialize in in building customer application stacks for WordPress built around using the very latest webserver and technology, embracing the latest database technology along with PHP-FPM (Home - PHP-FPM) and Alternative PHP Cache – APC (PHP: APC - Manual) which allows us to optimize the server environment for minimal resources and maximum performance.

    What might also interest you is a case study we released on our Micron21 Custom Cloud Application Stack which powered White Night last month supporting 500,000+ concurrent users.
    The Case Study can be found here.

    Furthermore you might also be interested in reading an article on our company which was published in Computer World last year which can be found here.

    And an article regarding our on demand load balancing capabilities which was featured in The Australian Newspaper which can be found here.

    We have also released the first video in a series of videos about our Micron21 services which I thought would be useful in describing to you the differences Micron21 can provide, the preview video can be found here

    Tom in summary I would love to provide you a Micron21 service, we most certainly can help you grow from shared hosting, to building your own private cloud if required !

    Looking forward to hearing from you, please email me if your interested –

    Kindest Regards

    Outer East Melbourne Datacentre – Micron21 Pty Ltd
    Co Location – Dedicated Servers – Web Hosting – VMware Cloud Solutions – 24/7 Support
    Phone 1300 76 99 72 (Email)

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    Hi Tom. Our Small Business 5 plan will meet your needs just fine.
    CPK Web Services-Website hosting
    Or if you want we can set you up with a custom hosting package.
    All of our hosting plans come with Installatron which lets you install hundreds of free scripts with a couple of clicks.
    You can read some reasons why you should host with us at CPK Web Services- Why us
    All of our hosting plans come with free CDN, Content Delivery Network bandwidth which speeds up access to your website through the use of over 50 points of presence world wide.
    We offer fully managed web services, so we are able to design and deploy your desired solution as well as just hosting it.
    CPK Web Services
    The one solution
    Get in touch

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    Host your 5 WordPress website on our fast and secure servers. There are many good domain hosting services provider in Australia. Choose the right one. I would like to recommend you to consult with Motionwave Technology team -

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    20GB is a lot of space on a shared server. Do these 5 Wordpress websites really need 20GB of space or 4GB of space each.

    Are they storing all their emails on the server as well?

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    If you just go for site 4 GB is more than enough, but if you are using these sites for emailing than you will need to have extra disk space.

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    Hi Tom,
    I can offer to host your websites on our WordPress optimized and super fast cloud hosting environment.

    Our web hosting environment is about 40% faster than the average shared cPanel hosting. You can read more about it here :

    We can fit your requirements on a plan which is below your budget.
    I suggest our Ultimate hosting plan, which will cost you $13.52/month.
    In this package you get unlimited add-on domains and you can register 1 domain name for Free when signing-up.

    Our servers are WordPress optimized and with our custom cloud platform the page loading times are very fast.
    More details on our Australia Web Hosting page

    With 30 day money back guaranteed you can try it RISK FREE and we can transfer the websites for your from an existing web hosting account.
    Fast and Reliable Web Hosting in Australia from iCLickAndHost | Why iClickAndHost?
    Australian Web Hosting and Australian VPS Hosting with Free Control Panel, Daily Backups, 24/7 support, free VPN, PHP 5.2 to 5.6, NodeJS, Varnish, Memcached and more.

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