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Are you looking to replace your primary or backup IP transit Provider in Melbourne?

Do you buy or require IP transit in one of the following locations?

  • 55 King Street
  • 55 Crockford Street
  • 826 Lorimer Street

Do you require burst capacity to take advantage of periods of high bandwidth use?

Do you require Layer 4 to 7 DDoS Mitigated IP transit along with 24/7 Network Support?

If you have answered yes to at least one of the above questions then you should consider Micron21 IP transit.

Our Micron21 DDoS Protected Wholesale IP transit is a 95th percentile burstable billing solution which measures bandwidth based on peak use. It also allows usage to exceed a specified threshold for brief periods of time without the financial penalty of purchasing a higher Committed Rate. Burst capacity can be decreased if required if you don’t require a 1:10 burst.

The Micron21 Network:

Our Micron21 network is currently ranked the 6th largest IPv4 peer network in Australia out of over 1500+ networks (As can be seen here Networks of Australia)

Our fully redundant network is designed and maintained for our customers hosting requirements, scalable on demand to support large advertised events and powering the most popular websites within Australia. We only provide high performance and extremely low latency bandwidth which spans the world, providing quality which cheaper hosting providers cannot supply. Every fibre carrier within our datacentre enters from diverse locations which further protect our customers from complete service failures caused by an unlikely physical network cut. The result is you, our customer, receives a world class, fast and reliable network connection managed by our Network Operation Centre 24 hours a day. The network configuration has been developed in conjunction with with Brocade, Dell-Force10, Juniper, A10 and NSFOCUS to protect against any single points of failure within the network and delivers maximum capacity at all times.

Key Features include

  • 1:10 Commitment Bandwidth to Burst Ratio
  • DDoS Protection
  • Real Time Net Flow Information – Source Destination and Protocol
  • Access to Micron21 IPv4 and IPv6 Address Space
  • Full access to our 24/7 Network Operation Centre
  • BGP & AS Advertisement Routing
  • Common BGP Communities
  • No Lock in Contract – Month To Month if Required
  • Services provisioned in 24 hours & upgraded within 4 hours or less

For more information on our IP transit product please view our data pricing page here

About Micron21:

The Micron21 Datacentre is home to thousands of direct clients representing hundreds of thousands of internet websites and cloud services which include local, national and international businesses and government agencies.

Hosting a large array of high end & high profile clients which rely and depend on Micron21 to provide mission critical datacentre services 24 hours a day 365 days a year, our portfolio of services is used across every industry sector both nationally and internationally.

Micron21 delivers mission critical services by controlling and owning our entire world class fully redundant datacentre which provides continuous power, continuous cooling, continuous physical and electronic security and highly redundant data transmission services.

Our core business products include: Server Co Location, Virtual and Physical Dedicated Servers, Cloud Services, High Performance Webhosting, Disaster Recovery Solutions, IP Transit, Voice Over IP Networks, Local Microwave and Fibre Services, Security Surveillance and many more services.

Founded on the philosophy that quality of service is paramount, Micron21 prides itself in holding a niche position in the market, offering quick turnarounds to solutions ranging from single websites to complete enterprise grade datacentre solutions.

If you require any additional information on our services please feel free to contact Micron21 directly on 1300 76 99 72 or visit our website

We also welcome site tours of our facility to show you our offerings in person and introduce you to the Micron21 team!

Kindest Regards