I am interested in eventually running a few international sites with user participation and information and commentary, commercial and not for profit. Of course legal issues are at the forefront of my mind. I am aiming to do everything legally, and strictly no illegal stuff. But users can say and do all sorts of things to get you into trouble. Wrong reporting and advice can be allegedly given, but that is the problem, people trying their luck to do bad, or falsely alleging bad things done. I might like to comment on current affairs on one site, or they might like to object to anything on the commercial sites, and have a false lawsuit brought against me just to wear me down to get what they really want (as is a common horror story overseas, and in business).

So which would be the best countries to have your domain in, your hosting in, your donaim provider in, your hosting provider in? All these things ultimately affect what happens, including where to ultimately locate your business. I plan on living here.