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We're excited to be releasing our very new Virtual Private Server & Virtual Dedicated Server plans today offering up to 1 Gbit of connectivity and Unlimited downloads on 100 Mbit ports.

  • Our new Starter VPS & Essential VDS plans now offer you connectivity of up to 1 Gbit giving you speeds of up to 10x faster than before.
  • Our new Plus VPS & Platinum VDS plans now offer unlimited bandwidth on with 100 Mbit ports giving you speeds of more then 5x than before.

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Our network is also multi-homed so our customers are able to rely on network redundancy across each of our locations. Our network is DDoS protected allowing us to filter the traffic and continue to deliver our services to our customers with maximum uptime.

Our servers are powered by DELL using the latest PowerEdge R-Series servers. Using true 64bit virtualization hardware, RAID 10 with maximum disk space and dual power supplies for redundancy, we have set out to deliver the best uptime & performance for our customers.

We also have a dedicated technical support team that is guaranteed to be available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Start earning rewards points with our new Customer Rewards Loyalty Program that we've kicked off this month.

Points can simply be earned when you place an order through our website, paying your invoices and when you register, transfer or renew your domain name with us.

Check out our Rewards Program website for more information
- www.exigent.com.au


Starter VPS
- 50GB Disk Space
- 2GB Guaranteed Memory
- 2 vCPU's
- 1TB Monthly Bandwidth
- 1 Gbit Network Port
- DDoS Protection
- IPv6 IP Addresses Available
- 5GB Backup Space
Starting from $10/month
Visit www.exigent.com.au for more information.

Plus VPS
- 100GB Disk Space
- 4GB Guaranteed Memory
- 4 vCPU's
- UNLIMITED Monthly Bandwidth
- 100 Mbit Network Port
- DDoS Protection
- IPv6 IP Addresses Available
- 10GB Backup Space
Starting from $60/month
Visit www.exigent.com.au for more information.

Select from a range of add-ons
We offer a long list of add-ons that lets you to increase your virtual servers resources or simply choose how you like to back up your data (locally, remotely or a have a virtual server snapshot taken).

Why Choose Exigent Enterprise?
- We are a well established ISP since 2009
- We have a Point of Presence (PoP) in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane (more data centres to come soon)
- We are always working to improve our services based on customer feedback
- We own our infrastructure and continue to invest in the best technology possible for our customers
- We monitor and maintain our network around the clock for the best uptime & performance for our customers
- We include DDoS Protection allowing us to filter all traffic
- We have a guaranteed level 2 & 3 technical support team that's available 24 x 7
- We always offer the best solution for our customers at the best price possible
- We have plenty of add-ons for our customers so they can upgrade their virtual servers resources at anytime.

We have Linux distro's ready to go & Linux distro's with control panels

- CentOS 5x & CentOS 6x (in 32bit & 64bit)
- CentOS + cPanel & WHM
- CentOS + cPanel DNS Only
- CentOS + Webmin
- CentOS + Kloxo

- Debian 6.x & 7.x (in 32bit & 64bit)
- Fedora 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 (in 32bit & 64bit)
- Suse 12.3 (in 32bit & 64bit)
- Ubuntu 12x, 13x & 14x (in 32bit & 64bit)

Want to get started with a Virtual Server today?
All of our virtual servers come with instant activation, so you're new virtual server can be online within minutes. Simply visit our website www.exigent.com.au today and check out our Virtual Server plans.

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