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    cPanel Remote MySQL Solution Needed
    Hi Guys,

    We have an MS Access database that connects to a remote MySQL Database on a cPanel VPS. We are getting the access database moved over to PHP / Web-based in the next 6months.

    Connecting remotely to the database works perfectly if you have a Static IP Address or a dynamic IP address and use a dyndns hostname.

    We have hit abit of a snag we are wanting our sales rep to start using the access database on his laptop that connects to the database remotely while he is on the road. But the Telstra 4g Hotspots / Dongles don't give out public ip addresses. We can't use a dyndns hostname.

    I really don't want to put the % sign in to open up the MySQL remotely to everyone in the world. What do people do in this situation.

    Matthew - A+ Certified PC Technician

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    There are two techniques for this that you could use. A dyndns solution is probably the simplest, though it could take a few minutes to kick in (perhaps that's why you say you can't use it). You'd run a small client on the laptop to confirm the IP.

    However, a faster solution might be to use port knocking. With port knocking, you connect to a fixed port (known in advance) or two in a specific order, and that "unlocks" the MySQL port for you to connect to. For instance, you might connect to port 3613, then 2476, then 45130, then that would open the mysql port. This can be scripted up pretty easily and would only take a few seconds to run. CSF supports port knocking, you'd need to talk to your host to get it implemented.

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