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Are you sick of slow, overcrowded, unreliable shared webhosting within Australia, do you require Professional Melbourne based Shared Reseller Webhosting run by a company which not only owns the server your hosted on, but run’s and owns the entire datacentre, then Micorn21 most certainly has a solution for you !
Micron21 Pty Ltd is a company who is passionate in providing datacentre services we believe in giving all businesses the best chance of being successful.

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Micron21 Reseller Australian Webhosting packages with SUPPORT

  • Starter Package – 1GB Storage and 10GB bandwidth per month $31
  • Mild Package – 5GB Storage and 20GB bandwidth per month $61
  • Extreme Package – 10GB Storage and 50GB bandwidth per month $86
  • Ultimate Package – 15GB Storage and 80GB bandwidth per month $121

Micron21 Reseller Australian Webhosting packages with NO SUPPORT

  • Starter Package – 1GB Storage and 10GB bandwidth per month $11
  • Mild Package – 10GB Storage and 20GB bandwidth per month $21
  • Extreme Package – 20GB Storage and 50GB bandwidth per month $36
  • Ultimate Package – 30GB Storage and 80GB bandwidth per month $51

Micron21 offers high quality, affordable and security-oriented reseller hosting services. Our clients benefit from secure servers, multiple free tools and great customer service. Micron21 reseller web hosting delivers maximum reliability and fast load times, together with the most convenient and comprehensive services and support available.

What Makes our Micron21 Web Hosting Package Special?
Our web hosting packages use the full capacity of Micron21 datacentre, delivering fast response times, high-speed downloads and processing of dynamic content, allowing your customers to navigate more quickly and intuitively, with minimum fuss. And that's a big tick for your business.

Key Features of our Micron21 Reseller Hosting Packages

  • All our shared hosting is backed up daily using R1Soft CDP. We store the past 7 days in restore points, including 2 weekly and 2 monthly archive points. R1 Soft allows clients to restore their own backups from within their cPanel, right down to the file level.
  • All our shared hosting runs on the highest quality lastest generation (12th Generation) Dell enterprise hardware.
  • All shared WHM/cPanel hosting includes unlimited Accounts, Email Accounts, FTP Accounts, Sub/Parked Domains and MySQL Databases.
  • All with support shared hosting plans include a free migration from your existing host
  • DDOS protected transit including layer 7 traffic protection with Real time DDoS attack visibility
  • In addition to R1 Soft backups, all our shared hosting servers have nightly complete server backups to remote locations using our live micron21 backup service providing ultimate DR protection
  • Our primary Kilsyth datacentre has 3N power delivered by three independent (A, B, and C) circuits powered from Independent PDUs, switchboards, UPSs and generators
  • Our primary Kilsyth datacentre has a 2(2N) fully redundant precision HVAC Systems
  • Our primary Kilsyth datacentre is a AS ISO 15420 compliant building with fully redundant VESDA detection and ProInert (IG-55) Fire Suppression System
  • Overselling of reseller resources is NOT allowed on any Micron21 Service
  • Our shared hosting platform utilises clustered VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) leveraging distributed and mirrored storage for complete server redundancy in conjuction with RAID 10 SAS arrays across multiply physical servers.
  • Redundant multi homed BGP media independent International Network
  • Shared hosting includes the renowned Installatron application installer. Installatron provides you with a management panel for your new and existing Content Management Systems, along with alerts drawing your attention to new software versions.
  • The largest focus within Micron21 is providing you the very best support from local engineers who actually care about your requirements.
  • To ensure high performance and stability all of our shared hosting servers run CloudLinux to ensure fair and even resource distribution.
  • We provide 100% SLA for power, cooling and core network services and 99.9% SLA for shared webhosting accounts.

For further information on our Micron21 Reseller Web hosting packages please read here You can join Micron21 online within Minutes have a application for a new service submitted !

To give you some background information about our services, over the last five years Micron21 Pty has grown from a 10 page business plan to a world class operation with a redundancy level not found elsewhere in Australia. Micron21 is now home to thousands of direct clients representing hundreds of thousands internet websites and cloud services which include local, national and international businesses and government agencies. Our portfolio of services is used by every industry sector nationally and internationally - all of whom demand and rely on Micron21 providing them with datacenter services 24 hours a day - 365 days a year.

Our clients are dependent on Micron21 providing mission critical services including continuous power, continuous cooling, continuous security and highly redundant data transmission. We provide services such as hosting applications, email hosting, website hosting, database hosting, financial, credit card and payroll services and many more critical online components to meet all of our client’s needs.
Our core business products include: Server Co Location, Virtual and Physical Dedicated Servers, Cloud Services, Webhosting, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Voice Over IP Networks, Security Surveillance and many more services what many loosely call “The Internet”

If you require any additional information on our services please feel free to contact Micron21 directly on 1300 76 99 72 or visit our website or chat online

All pricing above is Ex GST

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