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    Looking for a cheapish dedicated server
    Hey all,

    My clan and I were looking for a dedicated server, in preferably Australia, that has the ability to run a ARMA gameserver, as well as Teamspeak. Our last few servers have been dedicated servers on the West Coast of the United States with the price ranges being around $50 or $60 a month for a 8 Core, 8+GB Ram, 1TB HDD boxes. Usually with a few TB of bandwidth.

    Are there any services in Australia that are close to that price range? Or can beat it?
    If not, are there any countries that may be closer than the states (ping wise) that have cheap hosting?


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    Hi Matt

    you will need to increase your budget to around the $200/m if you need a server in Aus

    We host top 4/5 ARMA3 servers in Aus

    ARMA 3 Server List | Search Arma3 Stats, Rankings, and Banners in Australia [AU] - Game Tracker
    -->> Dedicated Servers with DDOS Protection from $180
    -->> Virtual Servers with DDOS Protection from $30
    Website : - Phone : 1300 894 246
    Network : AS56106 - Vocus / AAPT / Equinix IX / PIPE IX / MegaPort IX / Staminus

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