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    Is an American company able to host a domain on their US server?
    Hi there,

    I am setting up an Australian based business that will be distributing an educational program from the US to Australian schools.

    I have registered the domain here in Australia for the Australian market. I am wondering if it is OK for the American parent company to host the website domain on their own server in the US?

    Any advice gratefully accepted!



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    Yes it will be fine. But I would use a CDN, Content Delivery Network, which will speed up your website for vititors in Australia.
    And around the world.
    CPK Web Services
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    two big ones in the CDN market come to azure and amazon.

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    We offer CDN hosting as well CPK Web Services :: CDN hosting
    CPK Web Services
    The one solution
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    yes, any hosting will host any domain : ))

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    While it's true that any hosting anywhere can host any domain, it does help SEO a little (*) if it's in the same country and it's also faster.

    If you have a small website that doesn't get too much traffic, you're fine hosting in the US. If you have a massive website that does 4TB a month, there are other issues (speed/latency, SEO through geolocation, bandwidth cost) but that's probably not your issue.

    * Most of the in-country benefit can however also be achieved by setting the target country in Google Webmaster Tools

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    There is no rule for country related or hosting server. You can host any domain on any web server. Only thing is pointing the DNS.

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