Become a Wholesale Partner Today!

Servers Australia offers industry leading wholesale services, partnering with Servers Australia will not only mean you get our friendly support but also access to our buying power. Servers Australia can deliver flexible solutions to ensure you WIN every deal.

Servers Australia provides the following services:

Wholesale VoIP - Great Rates, White labelled, flexible deployment options, full documentation
Wholesale PSTN Lines
Wholesale Layer 2 or Layer 3 DSL2+ - Fully white labelled
NBN Connections
Ethernet over copper Layer 2 or Layer 3
Fibre Connections Layer 2, Layer 3 or Dark fibre
Fixed Point Wireless Layer 2 or layer 3
3G Wireless Data
Wholesale IP Transit
Wholesale Backup - Fully white labelled

Servers Australia can provide WAN solutions on any of our ADSL, Ethernet, Fibre and fixed point wireless products configured to run over a private IP addresses with no need for cumbersome VPN devices at each site. You can also terminate to either a colocated server, dedicated server or firewall in the data centre.

If you are interested in becoming an SAU Wholesaler please email or call us on 1300 788 862.