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    Reliable and cheap web hosting provider
    Hi guys, I am having trouble with choosing web hosting provider. I was told that guarantees very good customer support and 99.95% uptime guarantee. Anyone have any experience with this one? Or can you please recommend any other good reasonably priced web hosting company for hosting a domain name? I have simple website and the main requirement for it is to be up all the time. Cheers!

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    cheap webhosting
    You can try some of these for cheap
    Cheap hostin

    Memoblast. info/link/unlimited.php good reviews

    Justhost . com.
    Great support

    Godaddy . com good for cheap domain registration

    but if your looking for cheap domain for. or are you looking for hosting providers with servers located in Australia ether way your spoil for choice but remember quality over quantity it also depends on what kind of site your hostin
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    Just a general education point: reliable and cheap are generally opposites.

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