Australia's new Virtual Data Centre - Where you can build virtual servers across Australia & manage your business

Are you looking to expand your web hosting business and want to offer a range of virtual servers?

Are you looking to build a businesses infrastructure in a secure data centre but looking to reduce cost on infrastructure?

We have the solution for you and Virtual Data Centre can help you build your business without any cost for infrastructure, network connectivity, virtual platform licenses, IP address space & much more. Creating virtual servers is easy and you can power up a new virtual server in just seconds from when you provision it using our white-label control panel.

If you're a web hosting provider and looking to offer your own virtual servers, now you can while connecting your clients to our white-label control panel and you can do all this from your very own domain name.

We have a dedicated team that will manage the infrastructure and guaranteeing that the resources are always available for you & your customers.

We have specifically design our service to offer only a white-label network & control panel so your customers can connect to our Virtual Server control panel using your domain name.

We are your one stop to becoming a Virtual Server Provider
  • You can offer one or multiple virtual hosting platforms - OpenVZ, XEN or KVM.

  • Build virtual servers with Linux (CentOS, Debian, Fedora & Ubuntu) & Windows (Server 2008 & 2012) Operating Systems.

  • Build Virtual Servers on our virtual host with SSD disk drives - OpenVZ & XEN (KVM will be available very shortly).

  • Be able to offer virtual servers from one location or multiple locations - Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane (with our expansion into Perth going live very shortly).

  • Organise your WHMCS, cPanel, Softaculous, Windows Server licenses & more at wholesale prices and all from one location

  • Offer additional resource add-ons for your customers - Memory, CPU, Disk Space, Bandwidth, IP addresses (IPv4 & IPv6 IP addresses) & more

  • Offer domain names and receive them at wholesale prices plus connect to our Domain Management System using our WHMCS API module

  • Be able to offer secure backup space locally and remotely

Why not start with one of our wholesale virtual server plans today and build your very own virtual servers in tier 3 data centres across Australia -

You get the extra benefits of creating virtual servers across multiple servers plus you can also setup virtual servers in multiple locations across Australia using one of our many locations that we have to offer.

We have a dedicated provisioning team and technical support engineers who are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our team will manage the infrastructure & the core network for you so you're able to spend more time on growing your business and assisting your customers.

Our development team will also manage the virtual server operating system templates that are ready-to-go. You can choose from over 80 Linux and Windows operating system templates.

Want to start building your very own Virtual Server business today?
Choose your virtual platform and visit to join the Virtual Datacentre experience today!

Company Details

Virtual Datacentre Pty Ltd (ABN: 54 162 757 806)
Network: AS58940 multi-homed network
Datacentres: Australia - Equinix SY3 (Sydney), NextDC M1 (Melbourne) & NextDC B1 (Brisbane)
For more information, quotes & orders - or 1300 799 717