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    Dedicated server sale | from $200 | built for GAMING
    We've got some cracking deals on excess stock at the moment. All of these servers are hosted in Sydney, and include complete DDoS protection.

    We operate one of Australia's largest commercial game server networks, with PoPs spanning most capital cities. Take advantage of the best performance, latency and support that is up for grabs with this incredible pricing.

    MODEL A - $200 p.m. (1 available)
    E3-1220 CPU
    8GB RAM
    2x 500GB HDDs
    500GB bandwidth
    5 IPs

    MODEL B - $225 p.m. (3 available)
    E3-1240 CPU
    8GB RAM
    2x 500GB HDDs
    1TB bandwidth
    5 IPs

    MODEL C - $250 p.m. (2 available)
    E3-1270 CPU
    16GB RAM
    2x 1TB HDDs
    1TB bandwidth
    5 IPs

    MODEL D - $299 p.m. (1 available)
    E3-1240 V2 CPU
    32GB RAM
    2x 1TB HDDs OR 2x 120GB SSD OR mix and match
    2TB bandwidth
    5 IPs

    Looking for something smaller? Let our team know.

    Some upgrades, including RAM, storage and bandwidth may be available. Please contact us if you require a customised solution.
    Licensing fees for Windows Server 2008 and 2012 may apply; please contact us for details.

    We offer:
    • DDoS protection included, powered by BlackLotus.
    • Servers located in Sydney, Australia.
    • Servers are unmanaged, unless otherwise specified.

    To take advantage of these offers, please email me directly at This stock will not last.

    Javed Ali - Account Manager
    Wombat Servers Pty Ltd
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