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    Anyone used sensis for DNS or email hosting?
    I have an interesting problem that I need a definitive answer for a client.

    The clients technical skills are a little lacking. From what I can tell, his domain name, and his emails are hosted with Sensis? I did not even know they sold domain names. My unfamiliarity with the sensis system is also working against me.

    The client wants to host the site with me, but wants to keep the emails and the domain where they are right now. This is a deal breaker, if the domain or emails have to be moved.

    The Question is, will sensis actually be happy to update their DNS records to point to my servers, while keeping the mx records the way they are? Have they ever done this for anyone else in the past?
    The clients lack of skills will mean that he will have to submit a ticket to have them do the necessary DNS updates.

    As it stands, I am considering grabbing the version of their domain, as thats the fastest way to get the site up and running, but it is still not an optimal solution.

    Any relevant advice would be appreciated.
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    pointing a A record for a website to a different server should not be to much trouble for anyone.

    i can not see any problem with this, you do not need to have DNS control to host someone's website you just need to make sure the correct A records for the domain eg www-site-com is pointing towards your services

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    I might just be repeating Melbourne-DC here; but:

    a. Check whois for the concerned domain. Find out the nameservers.
    b. If it belongs to Sensis, the customer needs to open a ticket with them to point the A record of the domain to your IP (which you assign to the domain).

    Else, you can ask the customer to change the nameserver to yours and you can create a db with A record pointing to yours and the rest with sensis.
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    Thanks for replies. I did check the whois. Shows up as being melbourne IT as the domain registrar. The nameservers are telstra.

    I am more then able to write a lovely letter that the client can submit to sensis to get the a records changed, but I dont know if sensis will do it?

    Customer wont change nameservers,(and I cant do it for him due to his security concerns). To explain the clients technical skills, I spent around 20minutes trying to explain that his site will appear as and not
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    Are the nameservers ending in If so its a webcentral resold account. Ask the client for their mission control details a rase a job.
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    Good old Telstra, resold Melbourne IT / Web Central hosting, good luck with that one.
    I have moved a number of clients off Melbourne IT and related providers over the last year or so.
    I am always happy to assist clients migrating away from those providers.
    Having to deal with them just adds another layer of complexity when trying to get stuff done.
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