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    What PDU's do you like using in your Racks ?
    Hey all

    I'm new here and I would be interested to know what type of PDU's you use within your racks

    1. Non Metered and lots of sockets ?

    2. Power Metered at the PDU level ?

    3. Power Metered at each socket ?

    4. Switched (on and off) at each socket ?

    5. Power Metered and Switched at each socket ?


    Melb DC

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    We use high density 48 sockets per vertical PDU with each socket individually metered.

    Switching is not relevant these days for us with say using enterprise hardware which comes with DRAC / LILO in built within the server, plus we have staff always onsite if something requires a physical reboot.

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    Power Metered and Switched at each socket is best to use, it helps you manage server.

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    Hi There,

    We currently utilise the APC series 16A vertical PDU's in our racks. This allows us to have remote control over all PDU Ports. They're pretty pricey but well worth the investment in the long run.

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