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    Switching from Windows to Apple?
    I have been with Windows since we got our first computer which was running Windows '98. It is fair to call the operating system second nature to me now. However, every time I am geeking out looking for new tech in stores or online I can never go past the Apple products without stopping and admiring for a few minutes.

    I am an ambassador for minimalist designs and that's probably why the range always gets my attention. Would it be worth me giving an Apple Mac a go? How much would it take for me to become comfortable with the OS? What would you say are the major benefits? - since from what I hear they are far less customizable.

    Would love to hear your thoughts

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    Once you go mac you won't go back

    Also you can run Windows at the same time in coherence mode and run all your windows apps as well

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    Hi Jordan

    As said by Peter once you use Mac you'll not go back to PC .

    Yes Mac hardware will be bit expensive but Mac is virus free and requires less maintenance.

    Both the platforms are good for designer may it be windows or Mac.

    Try this PC or Mac? Which is best for me?


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    Love MAC - went there few years back run parallels for Windows apps which is hardly ever (vmware or citrix xenserver client) and everything about it works - even upgrades are simple
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    Mac is tops. Although I use Parallels inside of MAC I just love the design. I personally have Windows in my own home, anything to do with work I use my MacBook Air. Light weight and portable.


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