Dear Web Hosting Talk Australia,

Are you a IT Expert faced with challenges every day of infrastructure not working?

Are you sick and tired of wondering if your services are up or when they will next go down?

Do you cringe each time your phone rings after hours crossing your fingers it’s not a client reporting an issue with your services?

Are you continuously on edge waiting to put out the next fire out which erupts taking time away from allowing you to grow your business ?

Does all of this sound familiar ?

With Micron21 you don’t need to worry, let us worry for you. Let our 24 hour operation center pro-actively monitor and take responsibility of every aspect of your cloud infrastructure so that you can concentrate on building and growing your business. Join Us – Micron21

Our Micron21 VMware Cloud platform provides a feature-rich virtualisation solution that delivers the production proven efficiency, high availability and dynamic management needed for the most demanding virtual server tasks. Micron21 can offer its clients a wide range of custom Virtual Dedicated Server configurations ranging from 1Gb to 64Gb of memory, from single to multiple core processing power, and an array of high availability options, such as Clustering, Load Balancing, Fault Tolerance, DRS, vMotion and HA.

Your Virtual Dedicated Server can run ANY operating system, both Windows or Linux 32 or 64bit, you choose, we have 3 base packages or you can build your own Virtual Dedicated Server to the exact specifications your environment requires, it’s that easy!! Even if you are unsure about your requirements, our technical pre-sales consultants can architect a solution from scratch to match your needs.

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Micron21 VMware Cloud Bundle packages

  • Starter Bundle v2 – 2,000mhz CPU, 1GB of Dedicated system Memory and 30GB Primary Premium Storage with 30gb of Backup storage along with 1 x IPv4 and 1 x IPv6 address and 100gb of DDoS Protected IP Transit for $160 per month

  • Mild Bundle v2 – 4,000mhz CPU, 1GB of Dedicated system Memory and 60GB Primary Premium Storage with 60gb of Backup storage along with 1 x IPv4 and 1 x IPv6 address and 300gb of DDoS Protected IP Transit for $210 per month

  • Extreme Bundle v2 - 8,000mhz CPU, 4GB of Dedicated system Memory and 80GB Primary Premium Storage with 80gb of Backup storage along with 1 x IPv4 and 5 x IPv6 address and 500gb of DDoS Protected IP Transit for $360 per month

  • Ultimate Bundle v2 - 12,000mhz CPU, 6GB of Dedicated system Memory and 100GB Primary Premium Storage with 100gb of Backup storage along with 1 x IPv4 and 10 x IPv6 address and 700gb of DDoS Protected IP Transit for $460 per month

  • Absolute Package v2 – 16,000mhz CPU, 10GB of Dedicated system Memory and 150GB Primary Premium Storage with 150gb of Backup storage along with 1 x IPv4 and 10 x IPv6 address and 1,000gb of DDoS Protected IP Transit for $760 per month

Micron21 can provide a wide range of both Windows, Linux and BSD Operating Systems, we are a certified Microsoft SPLA provider and a cPanel NOC Partner. Further information on our software licensing options can be found here.

Micron21 is an accredited VMware Enterprise partner and we have in house VSP, VSTP and VCP certified staff to design, manage and maintain the most mission critical virtual environments.

We can provider you your Virtual Dedicated Server as a standard deployment all the way up to fault tolerance services geographically separated services for extreme redundancy. We specialize in providing high availability, with automatic load balancing at both a physical hardware level and using VMware DRS insuring you get your dedicated resources at the times!

Key Benefits why Micron21 is the BEST provider for your Business !

  • Ability for complete live backup’s of the entire Virtual Dedicated Server – to your custom defined restore points
  • Ability for Juniper SRX Firewall rules (Virtual or Hardware) Protect Any port, Any protocol complete security control
  • Ability for Load Balancing – Software based or hardware based load balancing with SSL
  • Ability to HOT add resources, without rebooting (Operating System dependant)
  • Ability to migrate a Virtual Dedicated Server from one physical server to another live using VMotion
  • All Micron21 Cloud VDS services are backed by one of the best support teams in Australia
  • All Micron21 VM ESXi solutions allow true console administration of your virtual machine
  • Australia’s 6th largest peering network globally
  • Bring your own Operating system and/or VM image or Virtual Appliance Any Operating system 32bit or 64bit (VMDK, OVF, VDI)
  • Built using the latest and very best Dell r620 Enterprise Hardware
  • BYO Operating system or VM image- Any Operating system 32bit or 64bit
  • Complete vSphere client and web access via two factor authentication
  • Completely scalable processing, memory and hard disk capacity
  • DDOS protected transit including layer 7 traffic protection with Real time DDoS attack visibility
  • Dedicated private network between all Datacentre locations for syncing data
  • Environment friendly allowing server consolidation
  • Free Migration from your Existing Host
  • Free Migration Policy, we will migrate your entire environment for you
  • Full Root / Administrator to your Virtual Dedicated Server
  • Housed within our own high redundant mission critical datacentre
  • Individual Server Monitoring via email and or SMS notifications
  • Managed, or unmanaged you choose from 3 levels of support, Mild, Extreme and Ultimate each with different SLA’s providing you support for maintenance or spontaneous support when required 24/7
  • Management Services are secured via a SSL VPN hardware token
  • Migrate your Cloud VDS service internationally between six datacenter’s in different countries
  • Online bandwidth statistics including real time Netflow and SNMP data
  • Only hosted on the latest Dell Enterprise Server Hardware
  • Onsite experienced engineers and specialists available for you at any time
  • Our primary Kilsyth datacentre has 3N power delivered by three independent (A, B, and C) circuits powered from Independent PDUs, switchboards, UPSs and generators
  • Our primary Kilsyth datacentre has a 2(2N) fully redundant precision HVAC Systems
  • Our primary Kilsyth datacentre is a AS ISO 15420 compliant building with fully redundant VESDA detection and ProInert (IG-55) Fire Suppression System
  • Powered by our world class global high capacity network AS38880
  • Real time Layer 3 to 7 Hardware Australian DDoS Protection
  • Redundant multi homed BGP media independent International Network
  • The ability to remotely mount and boot a huge range ISO Images
  • The ability to remotely shutdown, suspend or restart your virtual dedicated server
  • The largest focus within Micron21 is providing you the very best support from local engineers who actually care about your requirements.
  • User choice of Storage type and IO capabilities including 15k- SAS, SSD, Raid-10 SAN options
  • Utilizes the world’s best virtualization cloud software VMware ESX
  • We provide 100% SLA for power, cooling and network services to your VDS hosted in our Kilsyth Facility (individual VDS SLA is dependent on the redundancy options you choose)
  • Your own VLAN and routable IP range which is completely isolated from any other services

For more information on our Micron21 Virtual Dedicated Server platform please read here

For examples of the management Micron21 provided to all of our clients please see the following screen shoots

Micron21 Management Interface 1
Micron21 Management Interface 2
Micron21 Management Interface 3

About Micron21:

The Micron21 Datacentre is home to thousands of direct clients representing hundreds of thousands of internet websites and cloud services which include local, national and international businesses and government agencies.

Hosting a large array of high end & high profile clients which rely and depend on Micron21 to provide mission critical datacentre services 24 hours a day 365 days a year, our portfolio of services is used across every industry sector both nationally and internationally.

Micron21 delivers mission critical services by controlling and owning our entire world class fully redundant datacentre which provides continuous power, continuous cooling, continuous physical and electronic security and highly redundant data transmission services.

Our core business products include: Server Co Location, Virtual and Physical Dedicated Servers, Cloud Services, High Performance Webhosting, Disaster Recovery Solutions, IP Transit, Voice Over IP Networks, Local Microwave and Fibre Services, Security Surveillance and many more services.

Founded on the philosophy that quality of service is paramount, Micron21 prides itself in holding a niche position in the market, offering quick turnarounds to solutions ranging from single websites to complete enterprise grade datacentre solutions.

If you require any additional information on our services please feel free to contact Micron21 directly on 1300 76 99 72 or visit our website

We also welcome site tours of our facility to show you our offerings in person and introduce you to the Micron21 team!

Kindest Regards