Exigent Enterprise is excited to be announcing our new partnerships with R1Soft & SpamExperts.

Having a long term partnership with cPanel, WHMCS & SolusVM, we are continuing to partner with the best in the industry so we can continue to deliver a local, rock solid and affordable service for our customers around Australia.

Having a point of presence in Sydney & Melbourne for over 3 years, our Brisbane data centre for over 18 months and recently our Perth data centre that was launched earlier this month, has helped us to continue our commitment in delivering our service locally to over thousands of customers from around Australia and the world.

R1Soft Backup Solution
We understand the value in our clients data and having a recovery point for data is vital to any business. Partnering with R1Soft has allowed us build & deploy our own R1Soft backup servers in each of our data centres around Australia so our customers can backup locally (within the same data centre) or remotely (at anyone of our other data centres).

R1Soft works in ways so that restores are completed quickly & efficiently creating as little down time for our customers. Creating your first backup will take a full snapshot of the data and then each backup thereafter are incremental backups, backing up only data that has recently been updated.

The R1Soft user-friendly web interface allows customers to select the files & folders that they want to backup & restore. By logging into the web interface, customers can select the file or folder that they need to restore and within just minutes, the data has been restored to the clients server.

SpamExperts Anti-Spam Solution
The fight against spam stops with our new SpamExperts e-mail anti-spam & virus solution. Recently partnering with SpamExperts has helped us to build & deploy our very own local e-mail cloud solution for our customers.

Already with over a million emails per day flowing through our new e-mail servers, we have been able to cut down on time & cost when it comes to delisting ours & our customers server IP addresses, allowing us to work towards the more important day to day jobs for our customers. Using our SpamExperts e-mail filter stops spam from leaving our network and better prevents the server IP from being blacklisted while filtering the emails inbound and protecting our clients Inbox's.


About Exigent Enterprise

Exigent Enterprise is Australian owned & operated with 4 data centres across Australia. Situated in populated areas within Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth, we have built an enterprise-grade network that's designed to deliver low latency, reliability & high speed for thousands of customers across Australia & the world.

We've become the recommended provider for web hosting, virtual servers & dedicated servers using state-of-the-art data centres and using the latest technology to deliver a reliable & fast platform that our customers come to rely on.

Already partnered with cPanel, WHMCS, SolusVM, R1Soft & SpamExperts, we're continuing to build on our partnerships to deliver more services to our customers.

For more information, visit www.exigent.com.au