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    Whatsapp Benefits.
    1. Works on almost all the type of mobile phones

    2. Works with Internet & Wifi deliberately lowering down the charges of SMS

    3. Bulk communication & messaging at the finger tip & almost free of cost

    4. Huge benefit at international tours and makes the communication far most cos effective

    5. The open rate of WhatsApp messages are very very high and goes up-to 90%, beating down the Email Marketing & direct mail conversations

    6. Usage is hardware independent; and makes marketing free from hardware costs

    7. Along-with bulk-sms; bulk images & video sharing are at its easiest use; that is loaded with multimedia support

    8. Unlike WhatsApp doesnít stores personal details like Name, Gender, Address or Age

    9.Itís add free platform, without any game & Gimmicks


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    I know about those benefit. But i do not like what-apps, It also slow working in my android. I do not know why???
    There are awesome reviews at

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    Can you list some disadvantages of Whatsapp?

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