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    Account problems
    After a long hiatus I decided to come back and check out whtau.

    I found I could not remember my password. No probs, I reset it.

    I didn't receive my email, or the next one.

    So I trawled through my email logs and sure enough whtau had sent the emails but my MTA(exim) had rejected them as spam.
    Why? Well because whtau does not have a reverse DNS entry on their mail server.

    This is a very basic mistake. Something all mail administrators should be aware of and rather surprising that whtau is set up incorrectly.

    So I fired off an email to whtau explaining the problem and commenting on the fact a forum such as whtau should know better.

    No response....

    Some weeks later (yesterday) I decided then to disable that filter and reset my password.

    This I did.

    I then got a new password and logged in only to find all forums are marked as private and I cannot view them and any attempt to do anything like edit profile etc is marked as "permission denied".

    So as you have noticed my user name is a temp one which I used so I could log in and ask the following questions...

    • Do your mail administrators realise no reverse DNS will badly effect the delivery of email.
    • Am I being blocked or barred for some reason.
    • If so what did I do wrong?

    My real user name is DeveloperChris.


    Happy new year!

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    Hi atemporaryname,

    Thank you for being so patient, I apologise for not replying sooner.

    Do your mail administrators realise no reverse DNS will badly effect the delivery of email.
    I have sent the request to iNet (the board administrators) to have a PTR record added.

    Am I being blocked or barred for some reason.
    Unfortunately it seems as thought your account was set to 'Awaiting Confirmation' via e-mail, I've pushed you through to the 'Registered' list, in which you should now be able to login and view/post etc.

    Thanks again for being so patient and happy new year!
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