Exigent Enterprise delivers customers a purpose built enterprise-grade network situated in world class data centres around Australia.

Situated in Equinix Sydney and Melbourne data centres, the NextDC Melbourne and Brisbane data centres and also our new PerthIX data centre that is located in the heart of the Perth CBD, we are able to deliver the lowest latency for our customers all throughout Australia. Connected to multiple transit and peering providers (AS58940), we have purposely built our enterprise-grade network with network fail-over plus local Australian DDOS protection to deliver 100% uptime guaranteed.

By having DDOS protection local to us here in Australia, this improves the quality of your network traffic. We can guarantee that we will never re-route our network traffic outside of Australia.

Exigent Enterprise Colocation services include full DDOS protection and is designed to host mission critical services.

From only $90.00/month (including GST), we will include -

  • 1RU colocated rackable device (server, switch, router, firewall, VPN device)
  • 0.5 amps of power allocation (A+B power feeds)
  • Your own private VLAN with a /30 IPv4 and /118 IPv6 allocation
  • 24 x 7 unescorted access (within our Sydney data centre)

From only $160.00/month (including GST), we will include -

  • 2RU colocated rackable device (server, switch, router, firewall, VPN device)
  • 1 amp of power allocation (A+B power feeds)
  • Your own private VLAN with a /30 IPv4 and /118 IPv6 allocation
  • 24 x 7 unescorted access (within our Sydney data centre)

See how we can help your business grow with colocation -

  • Do you have your own ASN?
    Our network team can help with connecting you to our network VIA BGP with your very own ASN. We can also assist with the process in acquiring your very own ASN.

  • Do you have your own IP space?
    Our network network team can announce your IP address space upstream to any of our carriers and peering providers at your request.

  • Need to peer with another service provider?
    We can establish a Megaport or IX-Australia peering link between us and other providers to help deliver traffic between both locations over any of our peering networks.

  • Need colocation in multiple locations with peering between each data centre?
    We can help with moving your network traffic between sites over our Megaport peering services in each of our data centres around Australia.

  • Looking for a no-contract commitment?
    Each of our colocation plans offer a month to month agreement. Contract plans including 6, 12, 18 and 24 months agreement can be organised with our sales team.

Our customers are able to view in real-time their network data usage directly from our customer portal.

More about Exigent Enterprise...

Home to thousands of clients from around Australia, New Zealand and the world, Exigent Enterprise has expanded its services from shared hosting and virtual servers throughout 2011 to include a purpose built platform for our dedicated servers and colocation customers in data centres around Australia. Our customers have come to heavily depend on Exigent Enterprise as we continue to work along side our customers in delivering a service that our customers have come to expect from a service provider.

We operate our very own redundant BGP network (AS58940) with multiple TIER-1 upstream providers and peering networks throughout Australia. Our network is monitored 24/7 to ensure that we deliver the very best connectivity and security for our customers.

To find out more, please visit our website Australia's largest Cloud Provider - Web Hosting, Virtual Servers & much more | Exigent Enterprise or call us on 1300 571 449 Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.