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    I want to know that type of domain names which is bad/ not good for SEO.

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    You need to have a domain name that have the right keywords (the product you sell or the service you provide) or/and the name of you company.
    For instance, if you want to sell fruits and vegetables, your domain name should be like, or
    The most important part being that it has to be easy to remember.

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    Firstly, the extension should be .com or the extension of the country you want to positioning. The name of domain must to have the words you want to positioning as much as possible. By last, the name length should be minimal in order to be a domain name you remember.

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    do brainstorm for keywords first

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    I think you can choose any brand name for domain but TLD is very important things.

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    Use adwords to work out the highest searched key words then use them to create your domain name. This will play a significant part in SEO ranking of your domain, make sure it's relevant to your content.

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    I always choose a name that contains the keyword of the web page that I will generate and as short as possible. And make it better .com. They also work very well the brand names easy to remember

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    Does where you register the domain also affect SEO?

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    No it does not matter where you register your domain but server location matters.

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