Net Virtue provides Australia's best value, highest quality colocation built on a true enterprise grade network with complete redundancy.

Situated in Equinix Sy4, our private caged area allows for enhanced security and complete control of your colocation services.

Our network is a blend of Equinix Transit and Vibe Communications ( which allows the best domestic and international connectivity available.

Starting from $125.00 p/m (inc GST):
- 1 RU Colocation Space
- 0.8Amps of power
- 1 IPv4 address & /64 of IPv6 address space
- 1TB of premium transit (at 1gbit port speed)
- No setup fees.
- First month free!

Starting from $260.00 p/m (inc GST):
- 3 RU Colocation Space
- 1.8Amps of power
- 1 IPv4 address & /64 of IPv6 address space
- 1TB of premium transit (at 1gbit port speed)
- No setup fees.
- First month free!

We are also running a special on a full rack:

Starting from $2600 p/m inc GST:
- 45 RU rack space
- 20 Amps of power
- 5 IPv4 addresses ( /64 or /48 of IPv6 space).
- 40 PDUs (A + B side)
- 10TB bandwidth OR 100mbit of transit.
- No Setup Fees!

We can assist with all your colocation needs:

  • Do you have your own IP ranges?

We can announce these for you in multiple locations by default to ensure you get the best route and the highest redundancy.

  • Do you need networking assistance?

We can provide technical assistance to help start your own network or improve your existing network to save cost and reduce downtime.

  • Need quality transit?

We can provide extremely competitive pricing due to our large amounts of commit with our upstream providers. IP transit starts from $12 p/m with the option of DDOS protection delivered from our fully redundant Brocade network core

What makes us better than anyone else?

  • Fast provisioning

We understand that fast provisioning is the key to providing a good service, that's why we can have your IPs, Rack space and data provisioned instantly. This saves you time and allows you to colocate your gear fast and or allows you to transfer from another provider without delay.

  • Automation

Our nvArea client portal is the best in the industry with more features than any other provider. You can order smart hands, visit requests, submit shipping requests, set your PTR / RDNS records automatically and view your data usage in realtime.

  • Network Quality

Ensuring that we always have significant amounts of transit available for any busy period you may have is crucial to our network guarantee commitment. We are on all the major IX's and we have private bilateral peering sessions with Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Cloudflare, PCH and more.