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    network attack from my server - apparently
    Hi, I have a server with Vultr. I keep getting notifications from Abuse Team - Comvive Servidores SL via Vultr that my IP is detected to be preforming a network attack. I have scanned my server and updated cPanel and I cant find anything. Sites that are on there are my development sites as well as our own website. I am obviously missing something and would appreciate a pointer or 2 on what to look for and or find and or block etc.

    Also checking my bandwidth logs, there are no spikes as such everything seems normal??



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    Have you check your logs if there's any activity aside from your logins?
    What about http logs? Have a look with the POST requests.

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    Run Clamd on all your files, maybe it's an injection.

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    Hello! this complex question. Here it is necessary to think ...

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    You should check any email logs as well and any open connections your server has made, Have you tried asking Vultr for more details as to the nature of the attack?

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