Here at Exigent Australia, we give you the power to manage your Virtual Server and its resources through our powerful Cloud Portal.

Now with our Elastic Budget Cloud Servers and Elastic cPanel Cloud Servers, you can select the resources that you will need and pay for only the resources that you use.

Our Elastic Budget Cloud Servers are automated so that you can control your servers resources through our Cloud Portal anytime of day or night through any device (computer, tablet and mobile device).

Our Elastic Cloud Servers Include :]
  • Deploy a Virtual Server in just seconds
  • Manage your servers resouces on the fly
    • Upgrade or Downgrade your servers Hard Disk Space
    • Upgrade or Downgrade your servers Memory
    • Upgrade or Downgrade your servers CPU allocation
    • Upgrade or Downgrade your monthly Bandwidth allowance
  • Add & Remove IP addresses
  • Manage TUN/TAP for VPN access
  • Manage your servers Reverse DNS (rDNS/PTR) records
  • And much more....

Our Cloud Portal is like non-other and lets you manage your services at a Virtual Hosts level where you can also take advantage of purchasing cPanel, CloudLinux, Kernel Care, SpamExperts and other licenses while having them instantly activated, ready for you to setup and activate on your new virtual server.

How does billing work for Elastic Cloud Servers?
You can start off with an Elastic Budget Cloud Server for as little as $6.50/per month or a Elastic cPanel Cloud Server for as little as $24.95/per month (including cPanel license).

If later on you would like to upgrade only your disk space, you simply pay only for the upgrade of the disk space upgrade at a pro-rata rate that takes you through until the end of the billing period. If you select to downgrade your servers resources at anytime, our system will automatically apply a pro-rata credit to your account.

Our Customer Rewards Program
We have implemented a great Rewards Program for our customers to enjoy, allowing our customers to gain reward points towards when ordering and transfering domain names to us, completing invoice payments and much more. Find out more about our Rewards Program here -

To find out more, please visit our website or call us on 1300 252 080 Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.