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    LIve chat plugin
    does Live chat software slowdown our website ?

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    I also want to know about it in details.

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    Usually the livechat plugin is a very light Javascript snippet, which is pasted on the hader/footer of your website and usually doesnt cause performance issues. Btw , what live chat are you using ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altssolution View Post
    does Live chat software slowdown our website ?
    Does it slow down your website in particular, or should it have a performance impact in general?

    Javascript (which powers most live chat plugins) does take a performance toll. To ease the impact on the visible page load for the end user, many websites load heavy-weight JS to the end of their page's code so that it is loaded once the page has rendered.

    If you're able to share some more details we can assist further.

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    As other users here already mentioned, chat scripts are usually very light weight and you can put them at the end of your html codes.
    You can also defer loading them until the page has fully loaded.

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