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    Whitelabel reseller programs in Australia
    Hi guys,
    I am looking for a white label reseller programs , as it would be easy to start and no web design etc.

    anyway i saw crazydomains has a such program - well the only thing stopping me to go with them is they are

    do you guys no any other?

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    Hi webplus2,

    Most members of this forum would agree it's best to avoid the Crazies aka Crazy Domains. Their support is actually based offshore. If you buy their white-label reselling program, you could possibly be tied to them indefinitely.

    Instead, you should consider purchasing a reseller hosting account to resell web hosting. If you'd like to resell domains and SSL certificates as well, you can purchase a WHMCS licence (if the billing platform isn't included) and choose from a plethora of providers including ResellerClub and OpenSRS.

    Given you're in Australia, try to find an Australian web host with an Australian support team.

    Some features you'll likely want are Australian servers, excellent support (because this, in turn, will help you provide good support to your customers), high availability, a sound platform such as CloudLinux and/or LiteSpeed, generous resource limits and overselling.
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    Reseller Programs
    We offer a number of Reseller options and all servers are based in Australia with SSD drives and Hourly backups.

    We have a number of Resellers that use our services I would be happy to talk to you in more details.

    Feel free to contact me to discuss.

    MC Hosting & Communications / AUSHost
    1300 023 176

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    Whitelabel Domains and Hosting
    Hi All,
    I am looking for a Whitelabel Domains and Hosting solution for 170 cloud, edge and fog computing domains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud Services View Post
    Hi All,
    I am looking for a Whitelabel Domains and Hosting solution for 170 cloud, edge and fog computing domains.
    Have you tried enom?

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