Many startups believe in the effectiveness of remote team working and the members are connected to each other by technology. So, rather than working out of a team memberís home, each team member will work from home.
Of course this is the modern way to work, but is it the right thing to do? In the case of Marissa Mayer - CEO of Yahoo, she thought not. She changed Yahoo policy of one of remote working to people really coming into the office and meeting each other in 2013. For a startup to be successful, you need to be here and now to shout an idea across the workplace rather than scheduling a Skype call to explain it. Although cloud VPS Vietnam is popular nowadays, synergy is not something which can be maximized over cable and wireless.
However, Yahoo's employees are familiar with working from home so most of them are not like the new policy. This is also one of causes of decrease in staff and Yahoo failure today.