Since 2009 Exigent Australia has been delivering web hosting and virtual servers for personal use, gamers, small to medium size businesses and local City Councils & Government departments throughout Australia.

During this time we have continued to lead the way with providing a first set of virtual machines static plans that included large amounts of resources for our customers to enjoy at a fraction of the price when comparing to our competitors all while we have continued to deliver exceptional customer service to the thousands of clients that we have today.

In 2016 we were pleased to be announcing that customers on our network had no longer needed to pay the excessive amount for there resources that they were no longer using with their plan or when the need came to upgrading their static plan for web hosting and virtual servers.

During 2016 we introduced our new Elastic Cloud services that allows our existing and new customers to choose the resources that they needed for their cloud web hosting and cloud virtual machine that is hosted in our Sydney and Melbourne, Australia data centres.

Our Elastic Cloud services paves the way to providing our customer the flexibility to choosing the resources (disk space, memory, bandwidth, IP addresses and more) that they need while only paying for what they need.

Order a new Elastic Cloud service

Ordering a new Elastic Cloud service is simple and can be done through our company website and is available with any of our web hosting (business, economy or reseller) service or virtual machine (budget, cPanel, economy, gamer, managed or windows server).

Upgrading a Elastic Cloud service

Through our customer Cloud Portal, customers can view the existing resources that they have selected for their service while being able to upgrade the resources through this web portal. Upgrades to our Elastic services only takes a few clicks and is done instantly with our automation service that we provide. All upgrades are pro-rata billed as well to the end of the current billing period.

Our Elastic services have currently been available for over 6 months and we're continuing to add extra features, including managing rDNS entries, ordering and instantly activating licenses (cPanel, Cloud Linux, WHMCS, Litespeed Web Server & more) and much more through our customer Cloud Portal.

In addition to our cloud hosting and cloud servers, we are now working towards introducing our Elastic services into our dedicated server offerings and colocation services.

For more information, our Sales team are available by contacting them through our website - or by calling us on 1300 252 080.