Colocation Australia provides Australian and global businesses high quality colocation and connectivity services. Through our global network of more than 450 peers, local and international transit Colocation Australia's network is built to meet the ever changing needs of today's businesses.

.: Global Network :.
  • We run our own private network, spanning Australia & the United States
  • Tier 1 Upstreams (GTT, NTT, Level 3 & Telia)
  • Tier 1 Peers (Hurricane Electric & Century Link)
  • Local Upstreams (AAPT & Telstra Global)
  • 500+ Network Peers
  • Juniper MX Routers
  • Juniper EX Switches

.: Spring / Summer Colocation Promotion :.

.: Who are we? :.
Colocation Australia offers wholesale connectivity and colocation services built on top of our world class network.

Situated in Equinix and NextDC Data Centres, ColoAUís colocation services leverage the best facilities in the business.

Our global network's POP in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, San Jose, Los Angeles & Tokyo deliver you extremely high quality connectivity to Australia and abroad. Our network (AS63956) has been built on top of Juniper EX switching & MX routing hardware. Peering with major exchanges in Australia (IX Australia, Megaport & Equinix), United States (Any2 California) & Amsterdam (AMS-IX).

Need something custom? Contact us today to discuss colocation & connectivity solutions![/QUOTE]