cPanel first a software company. Established in 1977 to provide web hosting automation software, it has since then pretty much set the standard for providing a simple yet robust user-friendly control panel to administer the intrinsic and complex task of web servers. The soft ware the company rolls out is also known as cPanel.

A cPanel web hosting is a hosting account that provides a panel interface that runs the cPanel software. The popularity of this software within the web hosting community as well as the webmasters is largely due to its user-friendly powerful interface with lots of powerful tools to execute essentials functions fast, easily, and reliably. Webmasters, novices and experiences alike, prefer this control panel since it provides an intuitive interface to help them run their site. Thus giving them the control they like. The ease of use is rendered easier with incorporated video tutorials and on-screen helps. If you never use cPanel or upload a website before the included Getting Started Wizards will quickly get you up and running

The cPanel interfaces is very intuitive and also includes video tutorials and on-screen help in case you get stuck. This allows hosting customers to manage their own accounts without needing to contact your support staff for assistance. In case you really don’t know what you are doing or incase you do not want to mess thing up there is the Getting Started Wizards that will automatically set things up correctly the first time. As a website owner you also benefit from security features like password-protection portions of your sites. If you had someone work on your site you can automatically deactivate their passwords once they do not require access. Other more advance features like hotlink protection and denial of problem IP addresses are also welcome tools. The added bonus of an account with cPanel is the integrated third-party application “Fantastico” that allows users to, quickly and automatically, enhance their site by incorporating a wide collection of useful add-on applications

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